Friday, August 18, 2017

Welcome to GOVERNMENT GRANTS!    Application is now Open - Feel free to Apply!

Government grants are free cash donations that are funded by tax dollars. There are over 7500 Worldwide Grants programs managed by more than 340 different grant agencies and on top of more than 24,000 locally accessible grants as well. These programs have been part of government infrastructure of the US, UK and EU for many years now, but it hasn’t been until recently with the economic downturn, that the general population has really become aware of them. The responsibility of the government in times of need is to protect its citizens, and that means financially as well. They do this through the administration of these free government grants. By extending some of the grants worldwide, we help control the need for desperate immigration struggles (which can create economic chaos for host countries if not properly managed).

This money can be used for so many reasons: It can fund your education, fund your research project, pay your bills (mostly 'serious' medicals), go towards a down payment on a house, and even help you start or grow your business. The opportunities are endless and you have absolutely nothing to lose. Majority of people are being approved and are receiving their grant funds (up to £5,000,000) within 2 months of submitting their application!

Most free government grants are available ongoing throughout the year; however, each agency will have their own stipulations about when applications can be received in accordance to available funds at any given time. Our application form is currently open and will be closed once we reach the earmarked number of approved applications. Note that applications are treated as they are received, so do not try to contact us requesting that we speed up your approval.